el Santhynor kennel since 1998

golden garlanded Great Dane kennel since 1998
We still do it for passion...
...love and passion...
...which never ends....
And whenever I look into your eyes...
...I feel like Im blessed having you

Available puppies

tusi171229 9165sWe have only one merle boy available from our last litter.

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We have two puppies available from our last litter.
If you are interested in , please write us e-mail! 
What we offer:

A lifetime friend, who is socialized in a family, lives in family, with mother and the pack, with all current vaccinations, wormings, passport, official health certification, written agreement and health guarantee. Pupipes raised with quality food, moved a lot in a  big garden and lived as a puppy used to live. We gives prior to the healthy body, and nice and sound character.  Because loving someone is easy with a good temperament, but soo hard with an ugly character in a beautiful body.   
And of course the "el Santhynor" puppy pack, full with individual gifts, booklet of the family and many many more.  

What we ask: 

Treat our furbabies as family members and friends. 
Dont close them to crate, and dont change your mind, Be as serious and responsible in your claim as we raise them for you. 

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Please, if you have a serious request, write us an email, with your references!

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merle female 

sbodza180203 9973


Bodza is a very cute, open minded, active girl. She has strong bones, nice head, natural ears. She loves to play and outdoor programmes. She gets skills for apport. Inside she used to be smart and learns quickly the rules and claims. PLease note: my dogs are NOT crate trained, and I dont want them to be. We teach them how to act in the house, how to play with wach other, smaller dogs and cats, as well socialize them in a family enviroment with all the household equipments.     


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merle male

sdomper180203 10041Dömper is an optimal built male. He loves to be around his owner. I think he is a perfect dog for a single owner, but also great addition to a pack, because he is not dominant. He is smart and kind with owner, but sound "standoff" with foreigners. You need to work for his love and acceptance. Dömper raised in our family with child, cats and dogs. He is a well behaved, skilled puppy.     


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Ocassionally we can offer puppies out of our champion harlequin stud, Adagio with different motherlines.   


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el Santhynor Great Danes

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