el Santhynor kennel since 1998

golden garlanded Great Dane kennel since 1998
We still do it for passion...
...love and passion...
...which never ends....
And whenever I look into your eyes...
...I feel like Im blessed having you

Available puppies

tusi171229 9165sWe have two merle puppy available from our last litter.

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story 10I found a dog on internet. Roger de Misandre....who embodied everything, I was looking for, which I was interested. The male who had the bloodline and till the present day an ideal stud for me in its appearance.It was an unbelieveable experience to meet him...Finally- after a lenghty correspondence with Catherine, owner of "elevage de Misandre"- in december of 2006, we could bring home Lui (Balooart de Misandre) who was the son of Roger de Misandre and the awesome Tarragone de Misandre. I waited nearly 1 year for his birth.In early 2007 born our litter ‘L’, out of Ch. Vladivostok de Misandre and Edami Edith. This was the harbinger of the wind of change, where I wanted to turn. 

From this litter Lara Croft MultiChampion,Veteran Clubwinner of Italy,  Lestat VDH Junior Champion, L'amour Champion of Russia, Lucifer multiple national winner, Lombard is confirmed. The 3 active show dog all have excellent hips, too.

blade pedigreenbn100918 23Daughter of Lombard (Quincy el Santhynor) 2 X Puppy Winner, Recommended to Puppy BIS. Latte is living in USA and has brilliant type.

There were an other, very important mating, when I used my idol, Bladerunner del Nord Ovest with Edith. From this combination I had No Mercy "Merlin" and Naughty by Nature 'Kefir'.

Kefir is one of the most respected dog of me. I like her a lot and I love a lot her puppies, too. She is half sibling of Hannibal, and she is soooo careful and good mother.

Its a pity I could not keep Merlin, because his quality and show potential had not been utilize well.   

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