orn blue1NO. Everything had begun with a desire. When I was a small child I met two times with danes. Both meeting was a kind of brainstorming, which amazed me with this breed. Today its so normal, we are living among danes, but that time I felt, this dog comes from the fairy tales and having unbelieveable size.

story 01

So, Nico was my first own dane. He was 1.5, I was 17. He was rehomed to us as a weak, injured young boy with 3 surgery behind. Due to invalid post-treatment and his hurt, both of his hind legs and spine deformed, so he was expecting for some more surgery. Along with it, we spent 8 wonderful years together. For his 4th birthday, I bought to him a harlequin mate…she was my foundation bitch, Somló Őre Anett "Nyuszi". While Nico was a pet, Nyuszi had extra qualities and she won a lot on shows. For their georgeous soul and character, this breed became my neverendig love. 

story 04

My first litter born in 1998. We kept Aisha Marie, a black female.
She was a perfect dog for breeding with her size and positives. She carried many valueable bloodlines from the former times.

Diorak il Paradiso di bella 

We also started a years-long show termine that time. We travelled across Europe. We saw  hundreds of GDs. The world became wilder and I guessed: I’m looking for something really different to the hungarian stuff and type. 

story 02

I amazed by the Nord Ovest, Indios dell Armida, Iskandar and Rairie dogs, I loved the spanish lines and some more, but we were so close to the end of the century, while my type was the middle '80s dogs.  

orn blue1