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In Swissland (in 2000) I met with owners of kennel 'de Can Duran'.Type what they had, I felt my match. So I choosed the very strong and powefull stud Robin de Can Duran to Aisha Marie. From this couple born my "C" litter. We kept Catalan, who has unique show successes: he is ICh-MultiCh and BIS in Italy. 

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At the age of 8.5 is still in outstanding condition Veteran BIS at an international exhibition, and then repeated the same in 2009 and 2010,too. Last time he was nearly 10 years old. His offsprings also achieved considerable successes at exhibitions. Even in 2009, he had offsprings in junior class (e.g.:Lordhill Dundy-HJCH). Catalan died on the day of the Budapest World Dog Show at 17 of May 2013, due to a torsion. He was 12 years and   3 months old. His sister Camilla died almost 1 year later over her 13th birthday. 

story 06In 2002, from litter "E" we kept two females Edith and Espirito. Edith Junior Clubchampion of Slovenia, later many timers veteran winner, veteran BISS. Espirito Inter-and Multichampion, Excalibur Junior Champion, Champion of Champions. Edith - like her mother- achieved outstanding values in breeding,too. This time we bought a harl female Baronesse v. Obensberg, who was the first daughter of Catalan and carried a very strong and good type. These two girls I loved a lot. When I write these 

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sentences, both of them are over the rainbow bridge, but Enikő was one of my favourite with her so smart and funny character, Edith was an amazing mother and reproductor. Both of them I lost over 10 years old age.

Edith was born her first litter in 2004 with a slovenian stud, son of my idol, the black GD, Samson. From this litter Hailey Young winner, and winner of multiple reserve titles (behind Hurry-Cane). JCh.Hurry Cane multiple-class and junior winner , junior Champion of Slovenia. Hailey lived also an amazing age, she died some months ago. She has some very valueable puppies in the USA.

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