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That time we moved to the countryside, into a small house with huge garden. Our new neighbour became the fawn and brindle „v. Starophramen” kennel. And I had begun my studies at the University as an engineer of animal science.
Some months later the two breedings (el Santhynor & von Starophramen) confused, and suddenly I became the „nurse” of 5 fawn and brindle dogs,too. It was not an easy question, but fawn and brindle breeding gave me many experiences and people, whom I learnt a lot. After the initial difficulties the „Fawns” became incredibly dear to my heart. 

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That summer Nyuszika died: it was unforeseen and so painfull. She was 11 years old, so it was the time, but during her life I learned so much from her and owe her so much. She was a wonderful dog. I am really thankfull she lived with me. I wanted to keep and fix the values of her, but getting a little bit stronger type: mass, head and bones.

Please, dont think, that time mass and head meant the same, as nowadays. This new creation, which people call "mastiff type" is totally opposite to my idea of a dane. Its a pity, well known and respected breeders forgot their past dogs, and with their judgements give a really new - and by my opinion totally failed - direction for the breeding, based to personal claims. (...) orn blue1