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story 12In April of 2007 fulifilled an old dream of me:The new member of our kennel arrived from Italy. A black male, called Marcottaviano del Nord Ovest. People, who know me somehow, know: since the beginning I’ve been amazed by the beauty and the noble of the Nord Ovest danes. As of today they define me the type and elegance. The "Great Dane" as the breed.

Friendship of Lui and Marco was for a lifetime. I’ve never seen at two males this kind of love and agreement before and after, either.They were beautiful, kind and I loved them. I wanted this period as a neverending one to lasts forever. Till today, we referred summer of 2007 as the most beautiful time of our doggy life.

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Lui started his shows, and he became Junior Champion of Hungary and Junior Clubchampion of Slovakia.He was a giant, but against to his incredible size he developed well. I was satisfied.


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But on a day of January he suddely collapsed in the garden, felt into coma and within 48 hours he was dead. Marco became mad. He did not eat, cried, finally felt to include. Anger, guilt, despair, inertness…these are the feelings which I remember. But my latest hope, that within some days puppies of Lui and Eniko will be born, at least that’s left on him. Well, not given in to see puppies of Lui to grow up. Only a small, harlequin female born, we called her Mona. She was beautiful. We were fighting for her for 3 weeks, but Mona is gone and nothing remained after Lui.

story 15

Catherine knew, how important is to me her bloodline, and what a dream was Lui for me. Thus, after the first weeks of the full rejection, at the end of that March, I became owner of a little devil: Cortazar de Misandre. He was a completely different charactered dog, than Lui was. Took a long time while we used each other. I was looking for Lui in him and he felt it.

story 18That March the first puppies of Marco have been born. He gave wonderfull types. From this litter O’Negra stood in co-own. Puppies were really kind, affectionate dogs.

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Same summer, at her age of 11 years, Aisha Marie died. She was the first „el Santhynor” dog. She was ill, but she was so strong. She was the old, dominant alfa-bitch. Noone questioned her priorities. We miss her temperament & wiseness.orn blue1