orn blue1story 17story 19The same month Adam Benedek, owner of the ’von Starophramen” kennel decided about a new life and he moved away. Chi-Chi and Achilles I rehomed to my friend. Abbey, Crown and Biggi stood with me and my dogs.

Well, that period was not an easy one! I stood at the end of the world, with more than ten dogs, I was pregnant and had no idea how to proceed. And if that was not bad enough, in september of 2008, Yoni died during birth, and pups were left without their mother at their owner. With my friends we could save 6 puppies from this litter. For some weeks nurse dogs developed them, but in November they also came to me. If it has been tought there are enough things to do…well, I was wrong! :-)

story 21story 22Due to the impending birth of my daughter I moved back to the downtown in march of 2009. During this period 8 dogs were taken by my parents and friends; 4 came with me. My daughter, Emma born on 20th of March.

In an accident, Abbey died in May of 2009. Some months later we had to say goodbye to Mr Brindle,too. The most careful care was not sufficient to erase the fracture, which last year’s changes brought to their lives. :( The last Starophramen dog, Emma died some days ago. Her last puppies born under el Santhynor "T" with the sire, Lormont de Ayalga. 

We moved to our „new” house in the middle of august of 2009. The normal way of life slowly returned to .

In January of 2010,  after a long illness Biggi did farewell. She was over 10. Adel had a serious surgery in February, but it was just a little more time for us to spend together. She died in March. She was also near 10. Year began so hard again.

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