orn blue1story 24It is also in the beginning of the year there arosed an opportunity which I could not say no. On 6th of March, the new member of our kennel arrived from Italy. Yes, he was Hannibal Lecter-A, white son of Bladerunner del Nord Ovest. Anibal is something special. He has type, he is correct and beautiful gait he has. An authentic dog, I dream like this THE GREAT DANE. So I had two males from the line of „del Nord Ovest” which I could use in my breeding for the future. I was soo happy! In middle of April we mated NBN with Marco. Since NBN’s birth, this was the mating, what I wanted and expected.

story 26Then on a night of late April, Marco woke me up, he was badly. I ran with him to the clinic. He died in my arms on the operating table…He was my best friend. In the past 3 years at every major stage of my life he was there, by my side. He was my daughter’s favourite. His death made me recognize (realize) many things. I know he is the STANDARD for me, being my benchmark for all other danes. Since him I know exactly, what I'm looking for at a Great Dane. I know what I waited for nearly 10 years and I surly know –if I’m going to be – I will wait for an other 10 for a dog like him. 

story 23

He is not the first Dane whom I lost and can not be the last. Nevertheless, till today only the void I feel, what he left behind.

Till today I’m still not able to talk about how I feel of him. How much I love and admire him…how much I loved and admired. How much embodied everything, what makes us able to subordinate our life for this breed…and how much I miss him. 


story 25

If Anibal should not have been at, me I think, that point I finish the breeding. I could not handle that pain and lost. But I took the responsibility for him so, "show must go on". Ani, and this whole story around him, is still unbelieveable for me. In some months, he became extremly popular. He made us "well known", everybody wanted him, everybody wanted his puppies.  One side I was so very proud of him, other side I felt its a strange world, when not my knowledge, my merits makes me valueable, but owning a popular dog. I had a lot of new friends, too ;)


Since the beginning Hannibal had amazing puppies in type, size and gait. He corrected a lot of anatomic fail, he gave many well arched, long necks.Over the fact, he was unique, he passed all health tests with excellent result. I think this was the point, when a lot of people could not stay away and started gossiping about him. It was a painful lesson to learn: who is real friend, and who is not.

Most of the people think, owning a popular stud means: you sit at home and earn a lot of money. Well, I have to tell you: no. Owning a popular stud means, you have no holiday, no weekend, no day and no night.You fight with servicemans, e.c.: FEDEX, hotels, motels, try to make appointment with your vet, hang on your phone, try to organize everything,  and if there is no other solution, you leave your family and go, because the female is in the right time NOW. But I loved this gipsy-life, because I saw, what could he produce. He was a class dog in all ways. With all capitals, he was the big white boss, my beloved boss, HANNIBAL LECTER-A. 


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