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greatdane sentinel 17It took not too much time, I started to collect his progeny from different combinations. By the timeline Zhelana was the first, (and her sister Iggy but she came as an adult dog) than came Rene, Lord, Mini Me and Sentinel. A bit later Sherry came back to me and I guessed it was an overtaking.  Among the oldies, I simply have not enough time and energy for as many juniors. So Sherry and Rene became co-owned with Oana Virgas (owner of Haus das Freude kennel), whom I think one of the best human, whom I ever known. She is more than an owner, she is a friend, who has amazing heart and soul.  

mother zhelana 02Lana (Dinastiya leksa Zhelana) also a co-owned girl, with Ulmi Dog kennel. She became an incredible sucessfull show dog. For 3 consecutive years,she was the "Top black bitch of the year", once "Top Dog of the Year" from all colours.

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Mini Me also took a part on some shows, but it was more important to show him to people. For today he is also a very popular stud with several sucessfull progeny. Sentinel is my "liebling". I love her type, her arches and lines. For me she is the type of the GD female. Powerfull, swan necked, with beautiful headlines. Lord we loved a lot for his character and soul. He became a really huge dog and a really peaceful one.   

The last addition to our dog family was sister of Lana, the harlequin Dinastiya Leksa Zhdislava 'Iggy'. Iggy has an amazing type, Unbelieveable muscles and beautiful colour.

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She is the mother of my two beloved boy, Adagio and Ambrose as well Clark Kent.  These boys I think I could give to perfect hands. Im really thankful to owners of Adagio, who understood what they have in their hands, and his results prove my believe in him.

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