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I got a lot from this breed. I learnt more than any school could given. I learnt a lot about life, biology, the  human race and about the love, respect and acceptance of diversity. But as time goes and I see where this breed turns, I lost my faith and devotion. To be honest, I think, its not my breed anymore. I cant accept the bad mover, seriously failed angulated dogs with expressions, which is dreadful for me. In the past decade, this breed lost almost all positive features, which I loved in, and why I loved it. As I see its not about the real passion. Its about prestige and money, which is totally against the original goal: to improve, ennoble the Great Dane.

And based to these feelings and insights I think this is the final countdown. I do not want to keep more puppies, just a dog for hobby for my own passion and happynes.  In 2015, I reached the highest breeding level of the hungarian kennel club: golden garlanded masterbreeder. I believe, my breeding  was a useful one, but this is the breakpoint, when I think I would close the story of "el Santhynor" kennel.  

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11 of September, 2015

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Photo: Ola S.