orn blue1Everything had begun with Péceli Jégvirág Attila "Nico" a dark harlequin male in 1993. .....

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orn blue1NO. Everything had begun with a desire. When I was a small child I met two times with danes. Both meeting was a kind of brainstorming, which amazed me with this breed. Today its so normal, we are living among danes, but that time I felt, this dog comes from the fairy tales and having unbelieveable size.

story 01

So, Nico was my first own dane. He was 1.5, I was 17. He was rehomed to us as a weak, injured young boy with 3 surgery behind. Due to invalid post-treatment and his hurt, both of his hind legs and spine deformed, so he was expecting for some more surgery. Along with it, we spent 8 wonderful years together. For his 4th birthday, I bought to him a harlequin mate…she was my foundation bitch, Somló Őre Anett "Nyuszi". While Nico was a pet, Nyuszi had extra qualities and she won a lot on shows. For their georgeous soul and character, this breed became my neverendig love. 

story 04

My first litter born in 1998. We kept Aisha Marie, a black female.
She was a perfect dog for breeding with her size and positives. She carried many valueable bloodlines from the former times.

Diorak il Paradiso di bella 

We also started a years-long show termine that time. We travelled across Europe. We saw  hundreds of GDs. The world became wilder and I guessed: I’m looking for something really different to the hungarian stuff and type. 

story 02

I amazed by the Nord Ovest, Indios dell Armida, Iskandar and Rairie dogs, I loved the spanish lines and some more, but we were so close to the end of the century, while my type was the middle '80s dogs.  

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In Swissland (in 2000) I met with owners of kennel 'de Can Duran'.Type what they had, I felt my match. So I choosed the very strong and powefull stud Robin de Can Duran to Aisha Marie. From this couple born my "C" litter. We kept Catalan, who has unique show successes: he is ICh-MultiCh and BIS in Italy. 

story 05

At the age of 8.5 is still in outstanding condition Veteran BIS at an international exhibition, and then repeated the same in 2009 and 2010,too. Last time he was nearly 10 years old. His offsprings also achieved considerable successes at exhibitions. Even in 2009, he had offsprings in junior class (e.g.:Lordhill Dundy-HJCH). Catalan died on the day of the Budapest World Dog Show at 17 of May 2013, due to a torsion. He was 12 years and   3 months old. His sister Camilla died almost 1 year later over her 13th birthday. 

story 06In 2002, from litter "E" we kept two females Edith and Espirito. Edith Junior Clubchampion of Slovenia, later many timers veteran winner, veteran BISS. Espirito Inter-and Multichampion, Excalibur Junior Champion, Champion of Champions. Edith - like her mother- achieved outstanding values in breeding,too. This time we bought a harl female Baronesse v. Obensberg, who was the first daughter of Catalan and carried a very strong and good type. These two girls I loved a lot. When I write these 

story 07

sentences, both of them are over the rainbow bridge, but Enikő was one of my favourite with her so smart and funny character, Edith was an amazing mother and reproductor. Both of them I lost over 10 years old age.

Edith was born her first litter in 2004 with a slovenian stud, son of my idol, the black GD, Samson. From this litter Hailey Young winner, and winner of multiple reserve titles (behind Hurry-Cane). JCh.Hurry Cane multiple-class and junior winner , junior Champion of Slovenia. Hailey lived also an amazing age, she died some months ago. She has some very valueable puppies in the USA.

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emmastp101009 17

That time we moved to the countryside, into a small house with huge garden. Our new neighbour became the fawn and brindle „v. Starophramen” kennel. And I had begun my studies at the University as an engineer of animal science.
Some months later the two breedings (el Santhynor & von Starophramen) confused, and suddenly I became the „nurse” of 5 fawn and brindle dogs,too. It was not an easy question, but fawn and brindle breeding gave me many experiences and people, whom I learnt a lot. After the initial difficulties the „Fawns” became incredibly dear to my heart. 

story 08story 09

That summer Nyuszika died: it was unforeseen and so painfull. She was 11 years old, so it was the time, but during her life I learned so much from her and owe her so much. She was a wonderful dog. I am really thankfull she lived with me. I wanted to keep and fix the values of her, but getting a little bit stronger type: mass, head and bones.

Please, dont think, that time mass and head meant the same, as nowadays. This new creation, which people call "mastiff type" is totally opposite to my idea of a dane. Its a pity, well known and respected breeders forgot their past dogs, and with their judgements give a really new - and by my opinion totally failed - direction for the breeding, based to personal claims. (...) orn blue1

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story 10I found a dog on internet. Roger de Misandre....who embodied everything, I was looking for, which I was interested. The male who had the bloodline and till the present day an ideal stud for me in its appearance.It was an unbelieveable experience to meet him...Finally- after a lenghty correspondence with Catherine, owner of "elevage de Misandre"- in december of 2006, we could bring home Lui (Balooart de Misandre) who was the son of Roger de Misandre and the awesome Tarragone de Misandre. I waited nearly 1 year for his birth.In early 2007 born our litter ‘L’, out of Ch. Vladivostok de Misandre and Edami Edith. This was the harbinger of the wind of change, where I wanted to turn. 

From this litter Lara Croft MultiChampion,Veteran Clubwinner of Italy,  Lestat VDH Junior Champion, L'amour Champion of Russia, Lucifer multiple national winner, Lombard is confirmed. The 3 active show dog all have excellent hips, too.

blade pedigreenbn100918 23Daughter of Lombard (Quincy el Santhynor) 2 X Puppy Winner, Recommended to Puppy BIS. Latte is living in USA and has brilliant type.

There were an other, very important mating, when I used my idol, Bladerunner del Nord Ovest with Edith. From this combination I had No Mercy "Merlin" and Naughty by Nature 'Kefir'.

Kefir is one of the most respected dog of me. I like her a lot and I love a lot her puppies, too. She is half sibling of Hannibal, and she is soooo careful and good mother.

Its a pity I could not keep Merlin, because his quality and show potential had not been utilize well.   

merlin101010 17sepiasmall

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story 12In April of 2007 fulifilled an old dream of me:The new member of our kennel arrived from Italy. A black male, called Marcottaviano del Nord Ovest. People, who know me somehow, know: since the beginning I’ve been amazed by the beauty and the noble of the Nord Ovest danes. As of today they define me the type and elegance. The "Great Dane" as the breed.

Friendship of Lui and Marco was for a lifetime. I’ve never seen at two males this kind of love and agreement before and after, either.They were beautiful, kind and I loved them. I wanted this period as a neverending one to lasts forever. Till today, we referred summer of 2007 as the most beautiful time of our doggy life.

lui 23

Lui started his shows, and he became Junior Champion of Hungary and Junior Clubchampion of Slovakia.He was a giant, but against to his incredible size he developed well. I was satisfied.


story 14

But on a day of January he suddely collapsed in the garden, felt into coma and within 48 hours he was dead. Marco became mad. He did not eat, cried, finally felt to include. Anger, guilt, despair, inertness…these are the feelings which I remember. But my latest hope, that within some days puppies of Lui and Eniko will be born, at least that’s left on him. Well, not given in to see puppies of Lui to grow up. Only a small, harlequin female born, we called her Mona. She was beautiful. We were fighting for her for 3 weeks, but Mona is gone and nothing remained after Lui.

story 15

Catherine knew, how important is to me her bloodline, and what a dream was Lui for me. Thus, after the first weeks of the full rejection, at the end of that March, I became owner of a little devil: Cortazar de Misandre. He was a completely different charactered dog, than Lui was. Took a long time while we used each other. I was looking for Lui in him and he felt it.

story 18That March the first puppies of Marco have been born. He gave wonderfull types. From this litter O’Negra stood in co-own. Puppies were really kind, affectionate dogs.

story 16


Same summer, at her age of 11 years, Aisha Marie died. She was the first „el Santhynor” dog. She was ill, but she was so strong. She was the old, dominant alfa-bitch. Noone questioned her priorities. We miss her temperament & wiseness.orn blue1

orn blue1story 17story 19The same month Adam Benedek, owner of the ’von Starophramen” kennel decided about a new life and he moved away. Chi-Chi and Achilles I rehomed to my friend. Abbey, Crown and Biggi stood with me and my dogs.

Well, that period was not an easy one! I stood at the end of the world, with more than ten dogs, I was pregnant and had no idea how to proceed. And if that was not bad enough, in september of 2008, Yoni died during birth, and pups were left without their mother at their owner. With my friends we could save 6 puppies from this litter. For some weeks nurse dogs developed them, but in November they also came to me. If it has been tought there are enough things to do…well, I was wrong! :-)

story 21story 22Due to the impending birth of my daughter I moved back to the downtown in march of 2009. During this period 8 dogs were taken by my parents and friends; 4 came with me. My daughter, Emma born on 20th of March.

In an accident, Abbey died in May of 2009. Some months later we had to say goodbye to Mr Brindle,too. The most careful care was not sufficient to erase the fracture, which last year’s changes brought to their lives. :( The last Starophramen dog, Emma died some days ago. Her last puppies born under el Santhynor "T" with the sire, Lormont de Ayalga. 

We moved to our „new” house in the middle of august of 2009. The normal way of life slowly returned to .

In January of 2010,  after a long illness Biggi did farewell. She was over 10. Adel had a serious surgery in February, but it was just a little more time for us to spend together. She died in March. She was also near 10. Year began so hard again.

adel biggi090510 01

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orn blue1story 24It is also in the beginning of the year there arosed an opportunity which I could not say no. On 6th of March, the new member of our kennel arrived from Italy. Yes, he was Hannibal Lecter-A, white son of Bladerunner del Nord Ovest. Anibal is something special. He has type, he is correct and beautiful gait he has. An authentic dog, I dream like this THE GREAT DANE. So I had two males from the line of „del Nord Ovest” which I could use in my breeding for the future. I was soo happy! In middle of April we mated NBN with Marco. Since NBN’s birth, this was the mating, what I wanted and expected.

story 26Then on a night of late April, Marco woke me up, he was badly. I ran with him to the clinic. He died in my arms on the operating table…He was my best friend. In the past 3 years at every major stage of my life he was there, by my side. He was my daughter’s favourite. His death made me recognize (realize) many things. I know he is the STANDARD for me, being my benchmark for all other danes. Since him I know exactly, what I'm looking for at a Great Dane. I know what I waited for nearly 10 years and I surly know –if I’m going to be – I will wait for an other 10 for a dog like him. 

story 23

He is not the first Dane whom I lost and can not be the last. Nevertheless, till today only the void I feel, what he left behind.

Till today I’m still not able to talk about how I feel of him. How much I love and admire him…how much I loved and admired. How much embodied everything, what makes us able to subordinate our life for this breed…and how much I miss him. 


story 25

If Anibal should not have been at, me I think, that point I finish the breeding. I could not handle that pain and lost. But I took the responsibility for him so, "show must go on". Ani, and this whole story around him, is still unbelieveable for me. In some months, he became extremly popular. He made us "well known", everybody wanted him, everybody wanted his puppies.  One side I was so very proud of him, other side I felt its a strange world, when not my knowledge, my merits makes me valueable, but owning a popular dog. I had a lot of new friends, too ;)


Since the beginning Hannibal had amazing puppies in type, size and gait. He corrected a lot of anatomic fail, he gave many well arched, long necks.Over the fact, he was unique, he passed all health tests with excellent result. I think this was the point, when a lot of people could not stay away and started gossiping about him. It was a painful lesson to learn: who is real friend, and who is not.

Most of the people think, owning a popular stud means: you sit at home and earn a lot of money. Well, I have to tell you: no. Owning a popular stud means, you have no holiday, no weekend, no day and no night.You fight with servicemans, e.c.: FEDEX, hotels, motels, try to make appointment with your vet, hang on your phone, try to organize everything,  and if there is no other solution, you leave your family and go, because the female is in the right time NOW. But I loved this gipsy-life, because I saw, what could he produce. He was a class dog in all ways. With all capitals, he was the big white boss, my beloved boss, HANNIBAL LECTER-A. 


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orn blue1lord rene110416 18

greatdane sentinel 17It took not too much time, I started to collect his progeny from different combinations. By the timeline Zhelana was the first, (and her sister Iggy but she came as an adult dog) than came Rene, Lord, Mini Me and Sentinel. A bit later Sherry came back to me and I guessed it was an overtaking.  Among the oldies, I simply have not enough time and energy for as many juniors. So Sherry and Rene became co-owned with Oana Virgas (owner of Haus das Freude kennel), whom I think one of the best human, whom I ever known. She is more than an owner, she is a friend, who has amazing heart and soul.  

mother zhelana 02Lana (Dinastiya leksa Zhelana) also a co-owned girl, with Ulmi Dog kennel. She became an incredible sucessfull show dog. For 3 consecutive years,she was the "Top black bitch of the year", once "Top Dog of the Year" from all colours.

 orn blue1


minime150928 2760small

Mini Me also took a part on some shows, but it was more important to show him to people. For today he is also a very popular stud with several sucessfull progeny. Sentinel is my "liebling". I love her type, her arches and lines. For me she is the type of the GD female. Powerfull, swan necked, with beautiful headlines. Lord we loved a lot for his character and soul. He became a really huge dog and a really peaceful one.   

The last addition to our dog family was sister of Lana, the harlequin Dinastiya Leksa Zhdislava 'Iggy'. Iggy has an amazing type, Unbelieveable muscles and beautiful colour.

iggy osijek1

She is the mother of my two beloved boy, Adagio and Ambrose as well Clark Kent.  These boys I think I could give to perfect hands. Im really thankful to owners of Adagio, who understood what they have in their hands, and his results prove my believe in him.

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I got a lot from this breed. I learnt more than any school could given. I learnt a lot about life, biology, the  human race and about the love, respect and acceptance of diversity. But as time goes and I see where this breed turns, I lost my faith and devotion. To be honest, I think, its not my breed anymore. I cant accept the bad mover, seriously failed angulated dogs with expressions, which is dreadful for me. In the past decade, this breed lost almost all positive features, which I loved in, and why I loved it. As I see its not about the real passion. Its about prestige and money, which is totally against the original goal: to improve, ennoble the Great Dane.

And based to these feelings and insights I think this is the final countdown. I do not want to keep more puppies, just a dog for hobby for my own passion and happynes.  In 2015, I reached the highest breeding level of the hungarian kennel club: golden garlanded masterbreeder. I believe, my breeding  was a useful one, but this is the breakpoint, when I think I would close the story of "el Santhynor" kennel.  

thank you text

11 of September, 2015

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Photo: Ola S.