aug. 05. 2006. - jan. 24. 2008.


Roger de Misandre

Tarragone de Misandre

Catherine Jaouen - "de Misandre" kennel

Roxana Szabo el Santhynor Great Danes 

Show titles:
Junior Clubchampion of Slovakia,
Junior Champion of Hungary


 I've have over a thousand pictures, nearly 100 videos and endless seas of memories of Lui. This is what I left from a wonderful dog, who didn't have the chance to live a long and meaningful life. His loss killed something in my soul.

Before he passed on, my friend Daniel Kis-Szabó visited us that weekend. I'll never be able to honor him with pictures and videos that Daniel had made.

Lui was my dog of dreams.... he was one of my best friends. He possessed a special charm, what just a few can have: it was an unforgettable experience to meet with him.

Many people visited us: some of them dog lovers, and some of them not, but all of them had been fascinated by him. I will never forget the man, who checked our chimney and after a year the first question he asked: how is my big white dog? He met Lui only once, but this was very common, that people would ask first: how is Lui? He was the big white monster, as well he was my "Petite Lui".

Since a long time this story was not on my French import. But on my child-soul dogboy in a giant's skin, who brought so many happiness, fun and joy to our life, what changed the world around me.

When I think about him, never about the last couple days, but of our summer and how awesome it was. Lui, Marco and the puppies of litter L, were playing outside and having fun all day. Lui was the big white boss. I was just sitting and watching them. For hours.

He had a big heart and an amazing character.

He loved everyone: puppies, people and children,too. I've never seen such a dog, this giant, who could walk amongst puppies as if on a field of eggshell.

He loved the water. Summer we had lots of fun. He always "helped me" with the water bowls. At any price he wanted to get the water-hose and run away with it. We had big fights and sometimes he had luck... and we would look like we had a swimming pool accident.

He loved the puddles, as well playing with the nuts under the big tree.

He loved to live.

I would believe he was happy with us!

Thank you Petite LUI! 

 lui 23

Here i would like to say thanks to all of those ones, who were took a part in his life!

At first i would like to say thanks to his breeder Catherine Jaouen, owner of the de Misandre kennel, who gave me the chance, to have this wonderfull dog. Say thanks to all her help as well for her friendship what made this past 1,5 years a really valuable one!

To Zsuzsanna Markó..without her he never happens to me.

To Daniel Kis-Szabó for the beautiful videos and pictures and for all his treat and love of him.
Also for the handling Lui for the Junior Clubchampion title!

To my mother, whom he loved and to Dóra Vilimek and Tamas Mayer, with whom we brought him home.

Lui was thinking about them as his friends.

To Ildikó Egri for the shows, the handling and for her help in necessary.

To Marianna Tóth Somogyi and Attila Somogyi that they trust in him till the last moment.
For all that good and help, what we got from them in the last hours.

...and certainly to his little friends: Lara, Marco, Dago and Latte, who loved him steadfastly.


To the memory of Lui



Thank to have giving to him a wonderful life, even it was too short...

Kisses Cath"


"...felejthetetlen dolgai voltak, amik biztos örökre megmaradnak bennem. Imádtam …""

Kis-Szabó Dániel


"soha nem fogom elfelejteni amikor ott togyogott a kis melák esetlenül...amikor utoljára láttam meg csak tolta a nagy busa fejét...hiányzik...szerettem"

Vilimek Dóra


"Tudom, ilyenkor bármit ír az ember semmit nem ér. Én mégis nagyon örülök, hogy legalább egyszer az életben találkozhattam vele.

Keszler Heni


"Roxana sono molto dispiaciuta x Lui....questo è molto triste!!!"

Katia Franceschini


"I like your's dogs and I fall in love to Balooart.... When you import Balooart I was looking in intenet how he is groving up. He was my favourite male."

Mary Gasienica


"Tears are falling, his spirit was seen perfectly in pictures even though I never met him but I know he had a joyful and happy life with all of you. We will light a candle for him and wishing him a peaceful trip to the Rainbow Bridge..."

Hanna Ripatti


" was very lucky one, that you had chance,joy and an honour to share your life with Lui,eaven he leave us long before...Lui was a very lucky dog to have such a loving family to live with and take care of him!"

Eliisa Koskela


"...Lui has been in house just as much as yours but through pictures and stories you tell me. "

Maria Hewitt


Kimondottan megrazott Lui halala, pedig nem ismertem, de nagyon vartam a kolykeit, rendkivuli tipus volt, el sem tudom mondani, mennyire sajnalom!

Simó Anita


"Drága Lajos...remélem, illetve tudom, hogy Te most nagyokat játszol Carloval, Babyvel, Nyuszival és Dagoval ( akit kérlek ne taposs agyon)de nem szép dolog Tőled, hogy itt hagytad a szerető gazdádat és a kis pajtásaidat, a fotósod és rajongóid, de ha már így alakult kívánom, hogy minden perc odaát legalább annyira szeretetteljes legyen mint itt volt...remélem van a közelben egy örökkétermő locsolócsövet termő fa, de ha nincs majd kérek Neked az Öregtől...vigyázz magadra, nagyon hiányzol "

Vilimek Dóra